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Voice Case Information System (VCIS)

VCIS Access Number ~ toll-free 866-222-8029

The Voice Case Information System (VCIS) is an automated voice response system which allows anyone to call the court, request information about a particular case and have a computer read the data directly from the CM/ECF (Case Management/Electronic Case Filing) database. If valid search clues have been entered, VCIS will retrieve and read the matching case information to the caller. Inquiries take only a few minutes to complete and the most commonly asked information is provided to the caller.

The VCIS system accesses multiple court databases.

To access New Hampshire, when prompted press 6, the key for the first letter of the name of the state New Hampshire.

When the sytems asks you to clarify the possible state name, press 2.

To select New Hampshire, press 3.

To search by case number, say "Case Number" or press 2

To search by name, say "Name" or press 3

To search by Social Security Number, say "Social Security Number" or press 4

Continue by either pressing number keys on your phone or saying the digits one at a time, as directed. Up to five (5) queries can be made per call.

When searching by 'Case Number', VCIS will ask for a two-digit case year, then a five-digit case number. All adversary proceeding case numbers should have a zero (0) as the first number, followed by the four-digit case number.

Bankruptcy Case Information Provided

  • case number
  • debtor's names
  • redacted social security and/or tax id number
  • whether voluntary or involuntary
  • chapter
  • date the case was opened, or reopened if applicable
  • date converted and converted chapter, if applicable
  • trustee
  • debtor's attorney and phone number
  • assigned judge
  • business or consumer
  • asset status
  • last date to file a claim
  • case status
  • date and time first meeting of creditors is scheduled to be held or was held
  • disposition
  • discharge date, if one exists
  • date the case was closed
  • date the case was reopened

Adversary Proceeding Information Provided

  • case type
  • case number
  • plaintiff and defendant
  • date filed
  • plaintiff's attorney and phone number
  • assigned judge
  • case status
  • date closed
  • date reopened
  • previous closed date
  • disposition

System Availability

VCIS is available 365 days per year, but may be unavailable during the weekly maintenance period on Mondays from 7:30 a.m. - 8:30 a.m.


VCIS is provided free of charge. It costs you nothing to quickly obtain critical bankruptcy case and adversary proceeding information using VCIS.

Questions or Concerns

For additional information concerning VCIS, or to report system problems, contact the Clerk's Office for assistance at (603) 222-2600.