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Pro Bono Honor Roll

The entire bankruptcy court, including Chief Judge Bruce A. Harwood, acknowledges and thanks the attorneys listed below for their service to the community during calendar year 2019. By representing an otherwise pro se party in a bankruptcy case or proceeding, or volunteering in a bankruptcy clinic, these attorneys provided legal assistance, without compensation, to those faced with economic hardship, better enabling them to navigate the bankruptcy process.

  Ann Barber
Sabrina Beavens
Ryan Borden
Stephanie Burnham
Christopher Candon
Peter Doyle
Michael Fisher
Christopher Garner
William Gillen
Arthur Gormley III
Maureen Higham
Michelle Kainen
Philip Kalil
James LaMontagne
David Lefevre
Kathleen McKenzie
Richard McPartlin
Nancy Michels
Gregory Moffett
Robert Moore
Gerald Neiman
Alvin Nix
Charles Russell
David Stamatis
Peter Tamposi

Individuals wanting an attorney should not call these attorneys directly. The New Hampshire Pro Bono Referral System must first screen individuals for program eligibility. For more information, visit the New Hampshire Bar Association website at