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CM/ECF Attorney Training and Registration

The Court has upgraded its CM/ECF system to NextGen. To request e-filing access you must (1) complete and mail the Attorney Login/Password Application form and (2) request e-filing privileges through PACER at If you currently have a PACER account login to Manage My Account, click on Maintenance then click on Attorney Admissions/E-File Registration and follow the prompts. If you do not have an individual, upgraded PACER account, see the information on our NextGen page.

Attorney Registration – Training Course Required

Attorneys who are not registered users in either a bankruptcy court or district court will be required to complete the court's CM/ECF training simulations listed below. To apply for a login and password, a training simulation answer sheet along with a signed and completed attorney password application form is required.

Required Attorney Training Simulations

After completing each simulation, a unique code will appear. This code must be entered onto the Answer Sheet and submitted with the Login/Password Application.

****NOTE:  The training simulations are currently unavailable while they are being updated.  Please contact the Help Desk at 866-252-6323 for assistance. ****

  • Open a New Bankruptcy Case
  • Case UpLoad Method of Opening a New Bankruptcy Case
  • Credit Card Payment
  • Motion for Relief from Stay
  • Objection/Response to a Motion
  • Certificate of Service
  • Motion to Continue Hearing
  • Open an Adversary Complaint
  • Amended Schedules
  • Proof of Claim
  • Maintain ECF Account
  • Calendar Events Report
  • ECF Activity Report

Attorney Registration – Training Course Not Required

Attorneys who currently have a CM/ECF login and password from either another bankruptcy court or a district court are not required to complete the court's CM/ECF training simulations.  They will be required to sign and complete the court’s attorney password application form.

Attorney Registration Forms

An attorney requesting a CM/ECF login/password must be admitted to practice in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of New Hampshire in accordance with Local Bankruptcy Rule 2090-1.

Use of the District of New Hampshire login and password is subject to an attorney meeting all requirements for full admission to the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of New Hampshire per LBR 2090-1(a) or admission pro hac vice in a particular action per LBR 2090-1(b).