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Local Bankruptcy Forms

Local Bankruptcy Forms

Forms are listed in form number order and are available in Word and WordPerfect only.

  • For Microsoft Word format, click the Microsoft icon.
  • For WordPerfect format, right click the icon and save a local copy to your desktop.
MS Word WordPerfect
LBF 1007-2 - Verification of Creditor Matrix Word LBF 1007-2
LBF 1007-2 wpd
LBF 1009-1A Amendment Cover Sheet Word LBF 1009-1A
LBF 1009-1A wpd
LBF 1009-1B Notice to Additional Creditors Word LBF 1009-1B
LBF 1009-1B wpd
LBF 2016-1A Annex 1 — Request for Final Fee and Expense Award Word LBF 2016-1A
WPD LBF 2016-1A
LBF 2016-1B Annex 2 — Request for Interim Fee and Expense Allowance Word LBF 2016-1B
WPD LBF 2016-1B
LBF 2016-1C Supplement to Bankruptcy Rule 2016(b) Statement Word LBF 2016-1C
WPD LBF 2016-1C
LBF 2016-2 Notice of Contingent Hearing on Application(s) for Compensation Word LBF 1009-1B
LBF 1009-1B wpd
LBF 2083-3 Monthly Operating Report Word LBF 2083-3
LBF2083-3 wpd
LBF 3012-1A Order Granting Motion to Determine Secured Status and Void Wholly Unsecured Lien Word LBF 3012-1A
LBF 3012-1A Wpd
LBF 3012-1B Notice of Contingent Hearing on Motion to Determine Secured Status and Void Wholly Unsecured Lien Word LBF 3012-1B
LBF 3012-1B Wpd
LBF 3015-1A Chapter 13 Plan Word LBF 3015-1A
LBF 3015-1A Wpd
LBF 3015-1B Notice of Contingent Hearing on Confirmation (Response Required) Word LBF 3015-1B
LBF 3015-1B Wpd
LBF 3015-1C Notice of Contingent Hearing on Modification of Confirmed Plan (Response Required) Word LBF 3015-1C
LBF 3015-1C Wpd
LBF 3017-1A Notice of Hearing on Adequacy of (Amended) Disclosure Statement Word LBF 3017-1A
LBF 3017-1A Wpd
LBF 3017-1B Order Approving Disclosure Statement and Fixing the Time for Voting on the Plan and for Filing Objections to Confirmation of the Plan Word LBF 3017-1B
LBF 3017-1B Wpd
LBF 3018-2 Certificate of Vote Word LBF 3018-2
LBF 3018-2 Wpd
LBF 3020-1 Order Confirming Plan of Reorganization Word LBF3020-1.doc
LBF 3022-1 Statistical Bankruptcy Closing Report for Confirmed Chapter 11 Cases Word LBF 3022-1
LBF 3022-1 Wpd
LBF 4001-1A Worksheet Completed by the Mortgagee/Servicer in Support of Motion for Relief from Stay Involving Residential Real Property Word LBF 4001-1A
LBF 4001-1A Wpd
LBF 4001-1B Statement — Motion for Relief Worksheet Not Required Word LBF 4001-1B
LBF 4001-1B Wpd
LBF 4001-2 Notice of Contingent Hearing on Motion for Continued Use of Cash Collateral LBF4001-2.doc
LBF 4001-2 Wpd
LBF 4001-4 Ex Parte Motion to Incur Additional Debt LBF4001-4.doc
LBF 4001-4 Wpd
LBF 4003-2A Motion to Avoid Lien Pursuant to 11 U.S.C. § 522(f)(2) Word LBF 4003-2A
LBF 4003-2A Wpd
LBF 4003-2B Notice of Contingent Hearing on Motion to Avoid Lien Pursuant to 11 U.S.C. § 522(f)(2) Word LBF 4003-2B
LBF 4003-2B Wpd
LBF 4003-2C Order Granting Motion to Avoid Lien Pursuant to 11 U.S.C. § 522(f)(2) Word LBF 4003-2C
LBF 4003-2C Wpd
LBF 5005-4 Declaration Regarding Electronic Filing Word LBF 5005-4
LBF 5005-4 Wpd
LBF 7055-1 Default Judgment Word LBF 7055-1
LBF 7055-1 Wpd
LBF 9021-1A Final Judgment (General) Word LBF 9021-1A
LBF 9021-1A Wpd
LBF 9021-1B Final Judgment (Stipulation/Settlement) Word LBF 9021-1B
LBF 9021-1B Wpd
LBF 9021-1C Final Judgment (Sum Certain) Word LBF 9021-1C
LBF 9021-1C Wpd
LBF 9037-1A Order Granting Motion to Restrict Access to Proof of Claim in a Closed Case Word LBF 9037-1Adoc
LBF 9037-1Awpd
LBF 9037-1B Order Granting Motion to Strike Proof of Claim Word LBF 9037-1Bdoc
LBF 9037-1Bwpd
LBF 9072-1 Order Granting (Proposed) Word LBF 9072-1doc
LBF 9072-1wpd
National Bankruptcy Forms

The following PDF fillable forms can be found on the U.S. Courts web page:

    Several of the official forms will change effective December 1, 2013. See Public Notice 13-6 for details.

  • Voluntary Petition, Schedules and Statements
  • Adversary Proceeding Cover Sheet
  • Appearance of Child Support Creditor or Representative
  • Application to Pay Filing Fee in Installments
  • Application to Waive Filing Fee in a Chapter 7 Case
  • Certification of Judgment for Registration in Another District
  • Notice to Individual Consumer Debtors
  • Proof of Claim
  • Reaffirmation Agreement
  • Reaffirmation Agreement Cover Sheet
  • Statement of Social Security Number
  • Subpoena
  • Writ of Execution To the US Marshal


Proof of Claim Form

Official Form B10 - Proof of Claim

Proof of Claim Form pdf icon (updated 4/2013)


Rules of First Circuit Courts

External links of the First Circuit Courts [unless otherwise indicated]

  • Bankruptcy Appellate Panel Local Rules - pdf icon
  • Bankruptcy Appellate Panel Local Rules with Federal Rules - pdf icon
Federal Code & Rules

Cornell Law Web Site Listings

Federal Bankruptcy Code

Federal Bankruptcy Rules