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Telephonic Hearing Procedure


Telephonic hearings are governed by Local Bankruptcy Rule 9074-1 and Administrative Order 9074-1. All parties seeking to participate in hearings by telephonic appearance must utilize the services of CourtCall, an independent conference call company.

Participants must notify CourtCall toll-free by telephone (866-582-6878) or by fax (866-533-2946) no later than 3:00 pm (EST or EDT, as applicable) of the business day prior to the hearing. Permission to appear telephonically on shorter notice must be obtained by contacting the courtroom deputy (for BAH call 603-222-2644, for JMD call 603-222-2685) and will only be granted if just cause exists.

Participants must provide CourtCall with the following information:

No special equipment is required to use the service although CourtCall does charge a fee for their services.

Any questions about CourtCall’s fees or policies should be directed to CourtCall at 866-582-6878 or online at www.courtcall.com.